Eirini Chroni

Eirini Chroni
  • Early stage researcher, Chios Mastiha Growers Association (CMGA)
  • WP4: Effects of Mastiha on inflammation and adhesion biomarkers and on oxidative stress status indexes
  • Secondment to the laboratory of INSERM UMR U1122; IGE-PCV (Interactions Gène-Environnement en Physiopathologie Cardio-Vasculaire) Nancy, France
  • WP7: Modulation of gut microbiome
  • Secondment to Fundacion Biomedica Comunitat Valenciana, Valencia, Spain

Eirini has obtained her Master Degree in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics in direction of Molecular Nutrition at Harokopio University, Greece. Before she started her full-time master, she was employed in a Dietetic company where she had contact with patients such as obese or people with nutritional disorders and athletes. Eirini has experience in nutritional treatment of pathological conditions, body composition analysis (determination of fat), metabolic control, dietetic plan for adults, pregnancy, children and adolescents. Moreover, since she has also performed her master thesis in Harokopio University, she is aware of blood separation and Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay.

She was seconded to the laboratories of Genomics and Health Area of FISABIO-Public Health, in collaboration with Dr. Pilar Francino. The duration of her secondment was 7 months. Eirini was involved into the work package of the modulation of gut microbiome and quantified microorganisms in the gut of the clinical trial patients. Also, she participated in metagenomics protocols and DNA quantification.

From April 2018 to August 2018 Eirini was seconded to the laboratory of INSERM UMR U1122; IGE-PCV in Nancy, where she attended the QuantStudio3 Real Time system Course by Thermo Fisher Scientific trainers. Also she got familiar with the laboratory of INSERM UMR U1122; IGE-PCV and the laboratory techiniques that are being implemented there.