Anthi Tanaini

Anthi Tanaini
  • Early stage researcher, Chios Mastiha Growers Association (CMGA)
  • WP7: Modulation of gut microbiome
  • Secondment to Fundacion Biomedica Comunitat Valenciana-Valencia, Spain, 2017

Anthi has obtained her Master degree in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics in direction of Sports Nutrition at Harokopio University, Greece. She is a Biologist and had been employed as a laboratory assistant at a Microbiological Diagnostic Center in Athens. She is currently started her second Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Harokopio University. The purpose of her master thesis was to investigate the effect of the intervention with a natural food supplement (Mastiha) on inflammation markers in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Anthi has experience in ELISA, PBMCs isolation, erythrocytes isolation, blood separation and molecular biology.

She is secondeed as an early stage researcher to the laboratory of Genomics and Health Area at FISABIO-Public Health in Valencia, where she is working with Dr. Pilar Francino, the head of Genomics and Health Area of FISABIO-Public Health.. The duration of her secondment is 6 months. Anthi is involved into the modulation of gut microbiome work package and will be occupied with the measurement of gut microbiota and metagenomics protocols.