Anastasia Diolintzi

Victoria Bruns
  • Early stage researcher, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece (HUA)
  • WP2: A multicenter randomized double blind placebo controlled (parallel arm) clinical trial on the efficacy of Mastiha supplement in NAFLD/NASH patients
  • Secondment to Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd (PRSP)

Anastasia is a Dietitian-Nutritionist with a MSc degree in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics, discipline Nutrition and Exercise. Her research interests have revolved around human metabolism, micronutrient interventions in healthy and clinical conditions, gene-diet interactions and healthy lifestyle. She has been previously involved in the potential beneficial effects of naturally found bioactive compounds among NAFLD/NASH patients. Anastasia has also experience in the design of RCTs, patient recruitment, nutritional counseling, as well as anthropometrics. Regarding her lab skills, she is adept at handling biological samples, applying Sandwich ELISA assays for hormones and inflammatory markers measurement, performing photometric assays, but also applying GC-MS for fatty acid analysis.

Anastasia completed her secondment at Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd (PRSP), Oxford, UK, which lasted four months. During this time, she was trained in using quantitative MRI, i.e. LiverMultiScan, for analyzing NAFLD/NASH scans, she contributed to the analysis of trial MRI scans, and conducted research into the applicability of results to nutritional study of the UK Biobank dataset.